Stop Waiting for Google Fiber, Support Municipal Broadband

We’ve been a big supporter of local government providing internet. While Google Fiber is great, they’re already cutting back expansion and even cancelling appointments in Kansas City.  Just like trash and water or even the library, the city should be providing internet.

Mario at Google Fiber Kansas City MO

Unfortunately, some legislatures like Virginia are trying to block these efforts.  The rationale that “good enough” is good is false.  We see clients on the local tiers of WOW and AT&T not able to do much.  Even basic email chokes on slow connections.  Sharing slow internet in a household with your phone or tablet makes it even slower.

We rarely take political stances, but in this case we make an exception. Big ISPs somehow feel threatened by local efforts, but that’s just silly.  If private companies aren’t doing the job, it’s time for the public to force action.  Kansas City’s reliance on Google for high-speed internet is already failing.  I wish they would have put those efforts into local operations.  My prediction is Google will start selling off their internet services to local governments.  They’re also opposed to restrictions on municipal broadband, even though in some markets they could be competing against the city for internet services.

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