Membership in Lawrence Give Back

I’m proud to be one of the first merchants of The Lawrence Give Back Program. Previously Give Back was primarily for the “Lawrence Originals” restaurants. However late in 2009 it was expanded more into retail and service businesses.

Since I started DoctorDave Computer Repair in 2003, I’ve always given a certain percentage back to the community. I also volunteer computer support time for various organizations.

With Lawrence Give Back, it’s the ultimate win win for the community.

–Members must be locally owned an operated and not part of some franchise. This is important, because it’s about keeping dollars local.

–You, as a card holder, specify the charity you’d like to give to. Instead of writing a check to the charity, the merchant does. It costs you nothing. The merchant actually makes the donation to your designated charity as a way of thanking you for keeping business local. It costs you as the card holder nothing

–You, as a card holder, get 5% as a reward. For apx. every $200 spent, you get a $10 credit to be used at another GiveBack merchant.

Some quick math you’ll find that for every purchase you make, you are saving 7%. 2% is a donation to your charity and 5% is going back to you.

Talk about Giving Back! Wow. I wish more people would remember to use their Give Back card. We are going to start promoting it more to our clients. If you are a member of the 98 organizations that Give Back supports, remind them when making a choice where to spend their money, choose vendors that Give Back!

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