One of 100,000: Google Favorite Place

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According to Google’s official blog, only 100,000 of these were sent out across the country.

The only other Lawrence business I know that received on of these is the Sandbar.

People often ask me how I got to be the top search result for Lawrence, KS computer repair.

Honestly, there was little magic involved. I simply surveyed customers and colleagues and asked them the top search terms they’d use to find someone like me. I then “naturally” worked that into the text of my website. For example, instead of saying “Remote support” on the left hand side of my main page, I changed it to say “Remote Computer Repair” Since I wanted Computer Repair to be a top search result, that wording was logical.

Additionally, having websites link to me helps. Not fake link farms, but being a genuine member of the community and showing my support helps. I volunteer for many organizations and the one thing I sometimes ask is “would you mind thanking me on your site and linking to me.” It really helps.

Since I don’t have a real office with a windows, I figured I’d put the sticker on my “Mouse Mobile” as one client referred to it.

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