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A great story about the whys and hows of the latest spyware

March 24, 2010

Unfortunately we have been seeing an abnormally high amount of a specialized form of spyware that some have dubbed “ransomware” or “scareware.” The program convinces you that you have a virus and it will remove it for you. The irony is the program warning you about viruses is itself a virus. It nudges you and […]

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Your ISP may be lying and the FCC wants your help catching them.

March 18, 2010

This week may prove to be the beginning in a new era of ISP accountability! ISPs lie. Yup. Outraged? You should be, and so are the Feds. NPR reported this week how consumers don’t understand the advertising of their ISPs and don’t realize that the speeds are a theoretical maximum. When you see pricing claiming […]

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When you help others, sometimes you help yourself

March 8, 2010

At some of my previous employers, they were big on “qualifying” the customer. Somehow you needed to rank how important they were. Rich: important. Lots of computers: important. Big house: big priority. Small House: Small priority. I HATED that, but all industries tend to do that. People who have more money to spend get better […]

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