Where have I been the past 2 months?

When you run your own business, I often tell people “life gets in the way.”  Most of my customers are small office, home office, and residential customers.  Many times they call me to work on projects, they can do themselves because they simply have too much going on their lives. When they look through the phone book choosing a vendor, a common reason they choose me is they can identify with someone that lives and works in the community and owns a small business just like them. I understand the productivity problems a broken computer can cause, and getting that computer repaired as quickly as possible helps them deal with the other challenges of life.  It’s a juggling act.

Unfortunately, being a microbusiness means family problems sometimes take precedence. I’ve been in that position for the past few months dealing with a crisis with my elderly Mother and ill sister.  The details are here, but in a nutshell I had to move them to Kansas from Florida after my Mother lost her home due to foreclosure. Family, friends, and clients were incredibly generous in donating items to setup her new apartment. After coordinating food, clothing, and shelter as well as getting her connected with social service agencies, the crisis is now officially over.

At the same time, we also had that whole iPad launch. One of my other major interests is professional blogging for such sites as TheAppleBlog, and as you can see I was quite busy with the iPad launch writing for them.

I am incredibly fortunate to have a talented business support team that helped fill in for me a bit while I dealt with the family issues and the iPad Launch. This includes my spouse, my technicians, as well as the staff of iCafe and BestMacs.

Thank you so much to everyone for your help.  I’m glad to be back in the game and expect some new and exciting things in this space.  Including, if you didn’t notice, a redesign! I had to move this blog from Blogger to WordPress due to changes in Blogger’s posting capabilities. Always welcome thoughts ideas and suggestions for the blog

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