Next week, big changes?!

By this time next week, I’ll have weighed in for the Scale Down Challenge and undertaken the biggest challenge in my life since I started my own business back in 2003.

I know it’s going to be a challenge and a major change in my life.  I hope by the end of the 10 weeks most clients won’t even recognize me.  They’ll figure I must have hired a new tech or something.

I’ve set a few rules for myself on the way I’m going to do this.  Here’s what I’m avoiding

1.  “Fake”, processed and artifical stuff

I don’t want to be eating chemicals made to taste like food, I want real food.  I’m avoiding fake sugars and fats and focusing on eating natural foods and less of it.  Whenever possible I’ll be eating local, organic and sustainable food

2.  White stuff

I’ve heard that advice from many people.  Don’t eat white rice, white bread, white potatoes, white pasta, white sugar… get the idea.  I’ve never had a sugar craving, but now I’m keeping it off limits along with all the other white stuff.

3.  Corn and corn by-products

Going along with 1) and 2), I’ll be avoiding things with corn syrup or corn based.  Staying natural and real with my food should help with that.

4.  Meat products in generally and absolutely no pork, shellfish and beef

Combining personal beliefs along with health issues, I’ll be avoiding pork shellfish and beef products.  I haven’t eaten those in years and don’t intend to do so.  Don’t like the taste nor the health risks involved.  Pretty much, I’m a vegetarian for all practical purposes.

Fish and poultry I’ll eat in small quantities:  I’m just not that into those foods that much.  I’d much rather eat tofu than ground turkey.

5.  Anything after 8pm

I’ve heard this tip from countless people.  Eating too close to when you go to sleep is a world of trouble.

And here are five things I’m going to embrace:

1)  Consistent meals

I don’t mind at all eating the same thing for breakfast or lunch day after day.  It creates a routing and lets me focus on other things.  Oatmeal every morning sounds great.

2)  Smaller meals throughout the day

Last time I approached weight loss I did just this, five smaller meals instead of three larger ones.  Took less time and kept my hunger at bay.

3)  Working out

It’s finally a habit!  I try to do cardio at least once a day and lift twice a week.  I gotta keep my mayorship of Lawrence Athletic Club going!

4)  Tracking everything

I’ll be using quite a bit of technology to achieve this goal.  I’ll be taking pictures and posting them to my twitter account as well as use the Lose it! iPhone app.  You’ll be able to follow where I eat and go on Foursquare as well.

5) The Lawrence Farmer’s Market

The Lawrence Farmer’s Market is an amazing place.  I do intend to go each and every Saturday that I’m in town in order to get fresh fruits and vegetables to eat throughout the week.  I love vegetables and buying fresh in season items means I’ll get the maximum flavor for both my dollars and calories.  It’s win win.

So there’s the starting plan as I stare down my June 26th weigh in.  Any other tips or tricks?  Put them in the comments and keep me on my toes.

REMEMBER: There’s still time for you to join the Scale Down Challenge.  The more people that join, the more money that is out there to win.  Whether you choose to keep it for yourself or donate it somewhere, the more people that join, the more money that is available and the healthier Lawrence is!

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