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Yes, it’s true.

Actually, I’m always looking for the right computer repair person in Lawrence, Topeka, Greater Kansas City and beyond. If they come along, we’ll find a place for them. That’s been my policy ever since I started Geeks on Wheels. Good people, as they say, are so hard to find.

In a few short weeks I’ll celebrate my 7th anniversary of being out on my own with DoctorDave™. I never really imagined finding someone to work with me. Then, literally out of the blue, a technician I worked with at Geeks called me interested in part time work. Wow. What a find. Someone I knew and worked with in the past. No risk. Hired!

That forced me to take the way I’ve done business in the past 20 or so years and actually write it down. Ok, so I didn’t actually “write” it. We use a wiki for our policy and procedure guide. Wikis are a great way of creating a living and dynamic document.

A few recent things occurred to really make business boom.

  • Our high rankings in Google. Go ahead, I dare you to google “computer repair lawrence kansas
  • Humbling reviews of our services on Google, Yelp, InsiderPages, etc.
  • Membership in the Apple Consultants Network has me working directly with the Apple Store in Leawood, KS and the Apple Store on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO
  • Working closely with iCafe and MacXprts Kansas as well as BestMacs. Among our three companies we provide end to end seamless solutions for Apple Macintosh, iPad, iPhone and iPod users
  • My office neighbors, Lawrence Freenet, and I have started working more closely together for our mutual best interests
  • More involvement with Social Media such as Social Media Club Lawrence and my role as Community Liaison.How am I keeping up? By working too much 🙂 Not doing the things I enjoy as much such as writing for TheAppleBlog or playing with Tova.

    So what type of person are we looking for?

    Really, the type of person you’d want in your small office, home office or in your home. Being friendly and personable is a must. Being tolerant of pets is a must, given the number of clients that have pets.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to train people. They need to be ready to go and hit the ground running. The breath of technical skills are more important than depth. Skills like servers and programming aren’t important–our focus is on site computer repair at peoples homes and businesses with generally five computers or less. The typical service calls related to setup of new hardware and software, troubleshooting viruses and other malware, setting up small wired and wireless networks, as well as training and tutoring of users.

    Like an MD, each case is just a little bit different and as a technician you have to learn and adapt. The person has to love solving puzzles and solving mysteries. Thinking outside the box with limited resources while on location is helpful. They should make MacGyver blush with envy.

    Hours are extremely flexible and can be evenings and weekends. Because we want quality people to take ownership of client issues, pay is extremely high for the industry. I know if I want the right people, they need to be compensated appropriately. At this time, I only have part time positions open, but that can always change.

    If you know someone with great skills on the Mac or PC, outstanding customer service ethic, and adores solving puzzles, please send them my way. Or, if that someone is you, please introduce yourself.

    PS: As a bit of an incentive, if we hire someone you mention, you’ll get yourself a free hour of service for yourself and a free hour of service donated to the local non-profit of your choice in town. I’m that serious about finding the right person.

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