To the couple at Z’s: An open letter

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Monday was a horrible day for me. Just horrible. I spent the entire day fighting with my credit card company over something infinitely stupid and was just really done with the world. Where are all the nice people in the world and why can’t I run into them more often?

My question was quickly answered by the universe.

I went over to Z’s Divine Espresso East to get some writing done on my iPad. I find it easier to write on the iPad, away from home, because there are fewer distractions. I put my headphones on and start jamming to whatever Last.FM tells me I’d like.

All of a sudden my concentration is broken by a note slipped in front of me that says “Do you still do consulting work?” I wasn’t in a DoctorDave shirt, so they may not have even been sure of whom I was. I confirmed yes I do indeed to consulting and I am indeed DoctorDave.

After about 20 minutes of banter about email, iPhones and laptops my mood lifted. When I’m in a really foul mood, I think I should avoid clients. However, I also know that helping people makes me feel better. It’s a professional dilemma. Ideally, I’ll run into a client and they’ll make me feel better.

They actually offered to pay me! It was a nice gesture, but really, I was just being friendly and helpful and I didn’t really “do” anything but give them a few suggestions. Lifting my mood was payment enough.

Then another distraction. Sigh. It’s fine, I’m a people person. This time it was the barista. She slipped a gift card in front of me. I had to think for a second “This isn’t mine.” I took off the headphones and informed her of that fact. She told me that indeed it was my gift card. The couple that I was helping bought it for me as a gesture of thanks.


How a few simple kind acts can change a day.

To the couple that I helped and whom bought me the gift card–thanks for the gift card and reminding me that my work is appreciated.

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