Less of me around town, and the trend will continue!

So after 10 weeks I’m finally done with the ScaleDown Challenge.  This was probably one of the hardest things I can ever remember doing.  I’m sure there was harder stuff,  but nothing comes to memory right now.

It was a complete change in every aspect of my life.  Unlike people’s relationship with gambling, alcohol, or other potential problem areas,  food permeates every aspect of your life.  It cannot be avoided and must be managed every minute of every day.  As computers are natural to me, healthy relationships to food are natural to others.

Social events, business networking events, and even religious occasions involve and are usually focused on food.  Trying to be part of these events, and avoiding the food is an extreme challenge.  (Note to self:  at any event I’m involved in, I need to make extremely sure there are always healthy and low cal food choices for everyone)

Over this 10 weeks, I lost about 15% of my body weight and 40 pounds.  I placed 7th in the contest.  (full results here) I was hungry, irritable, frustrated, and annoyed.  While I lost weight, I often lost my patience easier and would sometimes lose focus.  I found myself stressing about my next meal as much as I’d stress about a failed hard drive or a snarky piece of malware.

I’m profoundly appreciative to clients, friends and family who understood I wasn’t always myself and still continued to speak with me!  I’m sorry I wasn’t always myself, but at least there was less of me each time.

While the hard part and the time constraint of the challenge is over, I’m still not done losing weight.  I met (and exceeded) my initial goal to lose 30 pounds over the 10 weeks, but I’m not where I want my weight and physique to be.  However, I can do this at a slower pace and take the time to enjoy an occasional indulgence and generally be a happier person.

I’m proud for the most part I kept to my initial philosophies of not eating anything “fake.”  Lawrence Nutrition Center was very helpful in helping me find quick sources of nourishment for the road while trying to eat organic, whole foods whenever possible.  Local Burger was also key.  Not only could I eat great healthy food there, but I could know the specific ingredients and proportions so I could actually track my calories.

I didn’t go to the Farmer’s Market as much because too often I found losing weight was a part time job in and of itself.  Forcing myself to workout once a day, then in the second half twice a day, and the last week three times a day was rough.

If I had to attribute one thing to my success was my iPhone.  The iPhone allowed me to track calories and determine how many calories an item had before I ate it.  A brief survey of iPhone/iPad calorie counter apps I wrote for TheAppleBlog is located here.  As stated in the article, the livestrong.com website and the accompanying iPhone and iPad apps allowed me to track my calorie intake and expenditures.  I also liked the ability to analyze my proteins, carbs, fats, sodium and sugars to make sure I had balanced meals.

I expect this to be my last post about my weight loss journey.  The 10 weeks is over and I look forward to balancing my weight along with other aspects of my life.  Some really cool DoctorDave projects have been put on hold and I’m excited to get started on them and share with you a bit more.

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