Eleventh Day of Christmas: Online Backup Service

Nothing says I love you like “I don’t want you to lose your stuff.” More than one client says to me “My computer is my life.” or “I can’t live without it”. Yet they don’t actually protect it against loss. Like losing weight or quitting smoking, I hear clients always say “I should be backing up, I just haven’t gotten around to it.” Help them take their intention and put it into action. A year’s worth of backup is around $50 from a variety of services and work on Mac or PC. I have a slight preference towards Mozy for most people, but I also like Carbonite, BackBlaze and Crashplan. These programs are easier to install than your average word processor! Eventually I do occasionally suggest some tweaking or testing, but for two days before Christmas it’s a great gift and takes the burden and worry away from your recipient.

Until I got online backups, I always worried about my computer when I was gone. While I was fastidious about backups, it was still a manual system. I had to take my backups offsite in case the house burned down. Now that I use BackBlaze, it’s all automatic. A great gift is always piece of mind–for about $50 a year subscription.

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