Sixth Day of Christmas: Neat Receipts

Neat Receipts_scanningWithLaptopNeat receipts, are, well Neat! You may have seen these in the back of magazines, on TV or even at a kiosk at the airport. The crazy thing is they work, and work well. While we aren’t quite paperless with this, the neat receipt scanner is about the closest thing you can get. Many people have scanners attached to their printers, but of course they aren’t portable. The portable Neat Receipts scanner fits into your laptop bag and runs off your laptop power. It’s about the size of a paper towel roll. Primarily it’s targeted towards people with expense accounts who want an easy way to deal with receipts, but in reality it’s for anyone who has to deal with lots of paper. Of course, I love mine and use it to scan service orders, but I also see real estate agents in particular find great value in scanning contracts and such onsite.

If you know someone who has to deal with too much paper (not just receipts), this is a great gift for them and works well on a PC and a Mac.

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