Keep your email address with the move from to Knology Kansas

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The interwebs are aflutter about Knology’s recent rebranding of Sunflower and their “deflowering” of the company. Logos have changed for 6 News, downtown’s offices as well as the websites. A key concern of Lawrence residents is the loss of their email addresses. Many people have these printed on their business materials as well as relying on that email address to communicate with family and friends. More than that, this is the Sunflower state and we take a bit of pride in that.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s likely that Knology will somehow remove email addresses. That would be atypical of most Internet Service Providers. Even Apple allowed people to keep addresses when switching over to years ago. Spokespeople say they have no plans to change addresses at this time.

Back in October Rod Kutemeier stated to the Lawrence Journal World:

“There should be no changes in the immediate future,” said Kutemeier, who had been general manager for Sunflower. “Any changes in the future will be expansions of our current services.”
Such changes will be expected to be “gradual,” he said, and come with plenty of advance notice: at least 30 days for adjustments to rates or levels of service.
“There are no changes on the docket at this point,” Kutemeier said.

yet less than two months later, layoffs were announced. We won’t debate the point. It is what it is and I’ve already given my opinion on this “rightsizing.”

If you rely on your email address, you have a reason to be concerned, but not just because of the Knology buyout. After all, if you had decided to move from Lawrence, you could lose that email address entirely.

Back in July, I wrote about how to create an address that will follow you anywhere: through moves, through buyouts, and through job changes. Follow that link for some ideas. To alleviate concerns of Lawrence residents, we are going to help you make the transition at no charge. We’ll help you set up a GMail address or help you find your own domain name. We’re part of the community here and we want to help out where we can!

Again, I don’t think there will be any changes to the email system for a long long time. Heck, SBC hasn’t been SBC for a long time and people still have addresses. But if you are concerned about relying on your address, now’s the time to put your email’s destiny in your own hands.

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