Quick Tip: Facebook Security

How many times have you walked away from your computer and realized you left your Facebook logged in?  If you are a teenager, your parents are thrilled you did, but if you are a parent, do you want your kids to take a peek?

What if you realize you left it open at a cybercafe or at a friends house.  Uggh.  Your life is wide open.  Even worse, how many of have seen the status message so-and-so “left his Facebook open, so I’m going to post embarrassing stuff on his profile.”  Ouch.
Don’t feel bad though, everyone does it and Facebook now has a solution.
Go to “Account” in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
Then go to “Account Settings” from the menu that appears after you click “Account
In the middle of the screen is “Account Security”
If you haven’t already set “Login Notifications” I highly recommend setting that so you know if a device is added to your account without your consent.  I covered this in a previous post.  If you get an email that your account was accessed from a device you don’t recognize, it’s time to change your password and search for viruses on your computer.  This prevents those hackers from using your account without you knowing it.
Underneath the “Login Notifications” section is the “Account Activity”  That lists the devices and logins.  Devices or logins you don’t recognize are a problem and again it’s time to change the password and check for viruses.  If either you don’t recognize the activity or want to logout from a remote device (like you left it logged in at the coffeeshop), just click “End Activity
Kids, get your parents permission first before using those settings, cause Mom and Dad really want to know what you are doing on Facebook!
Adults, be nice.  If someone left their Facebook logged in, log them out and stop snooping.  And don’t look in people’s medicine cabinets either, k?
For more about this setting, go here

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