You Will! Using Technology to grow and manage your business

Remember the “fantasy” commercials for 1993-1994 called “You Will” by AT&T

Here are the videos all at once on YouTube

Most of the technology “dreamed” about in the video is so commonplace that at first glance you might skip over it. Things such as long distance learning with voice and video, tele-medicine, GPS and paying tolls automatically (K-Tag) hardly qualify as technological innovations today. They are part and parcel of our daily lives.

But what about the guy at the beach sending and signing a fax on some computer without a keyboard? Or participating in a teleconference? Ironically, AT&T did help bring us the first viable tablet computer we could use at the beach: the iPad. So why are we still working in cubicles?

Good question and AT&T even asked us the same question a few years later with this commercial

Come on, you know your heart dropped when the little girl asks ‘When can I be an important client?” Mom realizes that point of her working is to take care of her family and how can she take care of the family if she’s always working. A day at the beach AND a very important client were kept in balance.

While the popularity of cybercafes has grown, that’s just really replacing one desk for another. Why aren’t more of us working at the beach, or the little league game, or on a boat?

“You will” is here today. The only truly missing piece from those ads was that “magical and revolutionary device” at the beach, which AT&T and Apple brought us last year.

My answer is that people simply don’t know how to integrate their lives and business with technology. In theory you can send a fax from the beach, but the nuts and bolts of how are what prevent people from doing so. What apps can I use to sign the document and how exactly do I send the fax? Attending a teleconference from the beach is great, but what if I need access to files on my desktop?

That’s the purpose of a seminar I’ll be giving at iCafe on May 10th at 6:30pm. I’ll tell you how to use Apple technology such as an iPad, an iPhone and Macintosh computers to move you from the theory of running your business anywhere into the practice of doing so. Accessing your file remotely, invoicing, and taking credit cards can call be done anywhere and I’ll tell you how to do it with specific suggestions regarding software and hardware required to fit even the smallest of budgets.

Please, though, don’t wear your swim trunks to this seminar as it will NOT be at a beach, yet.

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