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Using LinkedIn to get a job: Lessons from the KCITP Career Fair

June 27, 2011

Recently, Alaina Alisha and myself represented Social Media Club of Kansas City and Lawrence at the Kansas City IT Professionals Career Fair and I learned quite a bit how people are NOT using LinkedIn properly to help their career. Here’s a synopsis of the advice we gave and how it can best serve you in […]

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Business Lessons Dad taught me: It’s always your job, and nothing is “beneath” you

June 25, 2011

“But Dad, don’t you have people to do that?” Ooops, I should not have said that to my Dad. We were at his office when he was Vice President of a large chemical specialty company and his trash was overflowing and he took it out. Now, to be fair, his products were designed to support […]

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Business Lessons Dad taught me: Have a firm and compassionate handshake

June 24, 2011

A handshake? Who cares about that. It’s a simple way of greeting people. Americans shake hands. In other cultures they bow or hug. Ah, but it’s really so much more than what it seems. A firm handshake shows commitment and dedication. It shows you are truly happy to see that person. Imagine that positive energy […]

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Business Lessons Dad taught me: Business is all about people

June 23, 2011

No matter what product or service you are in, you deal with people. The people may be your coworkers, your suppliers, or your customers. Unless you live in the woods and eat off the land, you will come in contact with people. I know a phrase he hated was “it’s nothing personal, it’s business.” Even […]

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Business Lessons Dad taught me: Always be selling

June 22, 2011

As a salesman, he was always selling. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. I’m no salesman but any stretch of the imagination, but I realize the importance of brand and brand image. This was his excuse for wearing very expensive suits and ties and always having manicured nails. […]

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Business Lessons Dad taught me: Your word is your brand

June 21, 2011

Obvious right? Not really. How often do people make excuses in life coming up with a variety of reasons why they couldn’t do something? Deadlines missed, appointments not kept, and meetings cancelled. Not my Dad. I remember one night he came home at midnight from a business trip and was leaving again at 4am to […]

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Business Lessons Dad taught me: It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice

June 19, 2011

This is the seventh father’s day since my Dad passed away. I think what makes this one a bit different is I’m 40 now and I distinctively remember my dad’s 40th birthday. In fact, in this picture here my Dad is the same age I am now (I’m 13 in this picture). He passed away […]

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Backing up your computer: Apple After Hours series

June 13, 2011

I’ll admit I’ve never watched “Sex and the City”. Seriously. However, when the show was popular, clients kept telling me of this episode about backups and I finally found the video on Youtube Most of our computer skills we learn or figure out for ourselves. We stumble through and maybe take a class or two, […]

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Quickbooks sunset policy left me in the dark

June 7, 2011

Quickbooks and Intuit products in general come with a “sunset policy” which means that after about 3 years they can’t exactly turn off your program but they won’t provide any technical support nor will they allow you to do any online activities such as payroll or banking. They give you three years on a product […]

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