Backing up your computer: Apple After Hours series

Advent Story Day 4 - Disaster Strikes!

I’ll admit I’ve never watched “Sex and the City”. Seriously. However, when the show was popular, clients kept telling me of this episode about backups and I finally found the video on Youtube

Most of our computer skills we learn or figure out for ourselves. We stumble through and maybe take a class or two, but without formalized training many (in reality most of us) learn from the School of Hard Knocks.

Until you suffer a loss, backups are a theoretical concept, something you don’t have to worry about. You figure your computer works fine and you take good care of it, so why waste the time and money on a problem that will never manifest itself? Ironically, insurance agents tell me people take the same approach to insurance. Why pay insurance when you’ve never actually used it? That same logic my ER friends tell me is why people don’ wear seatbelts, especially for short trips. You can imagine the difference between perception and reality in these cases. Failure to perceive the threat results in financial ruin or plain ol’ death. No big deal.

So how in the world do I convince people to backup when they won’t even buckle up to save their life? As easy as I make backups, I can’t make it easier than buckling up. But I digress.

The most common excuse I get for not doing backups are people simply don’t know how or, rather, they don’t know how to do it easily. Burning CDs are bulky and USB flash “thumb” drives get confusing.

In 2011, with a hat tip to Ron Popiel and the Showtime™ Rotisserie, you can pretty much “set it and forget it”. However that’s neither true for poultry nor backups. You need to keep an eye on them, but only on occasion. Between advanced online backup services and hard drive mirroring and synchronization services, a proper setup is cheap, easy, and really pays when a disaster hits.

I’ll be talking all about backup systems over at iCafe this Tuesday at 6:30 pm and you’ll be able to leave knowing exactly what to do to protect your precious data (and the consequences when you don’t)

Consider this post your “seatbelt” warning for your computer. It’s time to click it or suffer the consequences! All you’ve go to lose is everything on your computer, not nearly as bad as losing your life (unless of course your spouse or business partner kill you for losing it all!)

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