Business Lessons Dad taught me: Always be selling


As a salesman, he was always selling. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. I’m no salesman but any stretch of the imagination, but I realize the importance of brand and brand image.

This was his excuse for wearing very expensive suits and ties and always having manicured nails. He needed to portray an image that his products were superior and thereby he was a successful salesman for selling those products. In reality, we couldn’t always afford these items and once I could understand the value of clothes I was envious of designer ties and suits while I was wearing Toughskin jeans because Levis and the Gap were out of our price range.

As an adult I see it differently. Image is important. In every interaction people are judging you and the product you represent, even if you are in the supermarket buying groceries. This is where I learned what friends call my “extreme marketing” and the famous DoctorDaveMobile (my Toyota matrix with logos on all sides). For Dad it was “our products are good enough you can dress like this”. For me the message is “I’m always there to call on for help” That’s why I actively search out computer help requests on Facebook and Twitter as well as never mind getting computer questions while at the gas station, the hospital, or in line at the DMV.

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