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Don’t always trust online reviews!

July 31, 2011

While I’m pretty darn proud of our reviews on such websites as Google, Angie’s List, and Insider Pages, I urge everyone to be a bit cautious about relying solely on online reviews for purchasing decisions. While this Consumerist post talks about how “shills” are being paid to post reviews on Yelp , this is not […]

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social:IRL Boot camp lessons In Real Life

July 24, 2011

Last week I attended another excellent social:IRL boot camp, this time with none other than Peter Shankman. Peter promised the conference would be about how to generate revenue, not friends or followers or influence scores. Some people have already covered some of the basics here and here as well as a here. Instead of telling […]

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I can’t find my phone, can you help?

July 17, 2011

It happens to everyone.  You can’t find your phone!  If you have a land line, of course you can call it, listen for the ring (and hopefully you don’t have it on vibrate). If you don’t…um…what do you do?  How can you call it if it’s your only phone? No worries, because this website has […]

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Your children and “faux” privacy online

July 10, 2011

This recent article in the Wall Street Journal really annoyed me. Customers ask me all the time about children’s safety online. My general opinion is that “parental control” software is ineffective and a poor substitute for parental supervision of computer usage. This article reinforces my opinion. Even on “kid-safe” websites, your children’s’ privacy is at […]

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Scale Down Challenge: One Year Later

July 6, 2011

So it’s been one year since I joined the Scale Down Challenge. I blogged my initial thoughts here but now it’s been a year. Here’s me before: and here is me in the same outfit at the end of the challenge I also included a picture of better fitting clothes since the clothes I wore […]

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