Don’t always trust online reviews!

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While I’m pretty darn proud of our reviews on such websites as Google, Angie’s List, and Insider Pages, I urge everyone to be a bit cautious about relying solely on online reviews for purchasing decisions.

While this Consumerist post talks about how “shills” are being paid to post reviews on Yelp , this is not some rare isolated incident. Same thing happens on TripAdvisor about hotels. Businesses do it all the time, though maybe not so bold as to do it on Consumerist. The iTunes Store has been particularly hit hard by fake paid reviews enough so the Federal Trade Commission got involved. Obviously, none of the reviewers of DoctorDave are paid. They are genuine customers that we have done business with and provided quality computer repair service to.

As a pro bloggerin my other gig”, I’m often sent products for review. I’m also a member of Amazon’s Vine program which gives me four items a month to review. These keep my writing skills up and force me to keep a critical and objective eye on everything. In between products I’ll review items on Yelp. Warning – I’m a foodie, so my reviews tend to be very descriptive.

Generally, I’m very careful with a negative review. Negative reviews can be very damaging to a business and Mama always said if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Moreover, if it’s a place I will do business with in the future, I am concerned about retaliation. While I don’t expect what happened to this couple to happen to me, I realize that people can still be petty and might bad mouth me or my business as a result. Some companies are very open about “blacklisting” for writing a negative review about a business. If i’ve said something negative about a business, I’ve given it much thought. I recently got into a spat with the manufacturer regarding this review. I stand behind my review despite them contacting myself, my editor, and my publisher over the disagreement about it.

By the way, if you are so inclined, our reviews on Lawrence Marketplace are a bit bare! Unfortunately I won’t be paying 🙁

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