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DoctorDave is a Foursquare Superuser

August 28, 2011

Yes it’s true. I’m a Superuser on Foursquare. While I can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, what I can do is edit and fix problems for venues on Foursquare. I’ve done this for many places in Lawrence because I understand the importance of social media to small businesses. I actually had to apply […]

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The First and the Next Eight Years

August 22, 2011

  This week marks the start of my eighth year of doing DoctorDave full time. This also marks some big changes here at headquarters. 1)  Dave’s car wreck I’m physically OK.  Still a bit stiff and sore.  For those interested, it was NOT someone texting or talking on the phone and it was the other […]

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I know your password and here’s why!

August 7, 2011

I’m no genius by any stretch of the imagination and I’m certainly not a hacker, but facts are that people’s passwords follow certain patterns. Here’s a great article about how hackers easily figure out your passwords. The 10 most common passwords are listed here and, honestly, these are the first ones I try when a […]

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