I know your password and here’s why!

Passwords are like Pants...
I’m no genius by any stretch of the imagination and I’m certainly not a hacker, but facts are that people’s passwords follow certain patterns.

Here’s a great article about how hackers easily figure out your passwords. The 10 most common passwords are listed here and, honestly, these are the first ones I try when a customer forgets their password

The new wrinkle is social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. On these networks we freely share information about ourselves and often make it public. The problem is that password reset questions include critical pieces of information like high school attended, birthday, and favorite pets…and these are the things we post on Facebook. This article covers it a bit more — but you certainly need to think about how the information you share online could be used against you in a hacking attempt.

Sarah Palin was a victim of such a hacking attempt. At the time it was somewhat unique because she was a public figure and the details of her high school and spouse were public knowledge. The non-private details of your Facebook profile could be public knowledge for any hacker.

Or, when in doubt, one just needs to look at the post it note on the monitor or underneath the keyboard.

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