Troubleshooting your Cable Modem (especially Knology)

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A common problem clients call us about is that they can’t get on the Internet. Frustrating for sure. Typically it’s either a problem with your computer and home network or your Internet Service Provider. Based on popular demand and client questions, we’ve created a few videos to help people troubleshoot some basic problems. While these were created using Sunflower/Knology’s cable modem network, the basic steps apply to any cable-based service provider (AT&T DSL tips coming soon!)

This first video is basic troubleshooting and explains which lights should be on during normal operations

The key is to have the Power Receive Send and Online all solid green. If the power doesn’t come on, the cable modem is not receiving power.

If Send or Receive flash, that typically means that there is a problem with your connection to the cable company and you need to give them a call. You might first try and unplug the power to the modem, wait about 2 minutes and plug it back in. That’s the equivalent of “rebooting” it.
Once online turns green, that means you’ve got a connection with the cable company (though they may be having problems).

During normal operations, the PC activity light will flash. If it doesn’t, the problem may be your computer’s ethernet or router. It’s a good idea to reboot your computer first to see if that fixes the problem. If not, try unplugging the power to your router–don’t press the “reset” button as that will erase your settings.

Otherwise, if you still can’t get online the problem may be with your computer. Then it’s time to give us a call (we hope it’s us!)

The next video covers a common problem: the standby light and how to fix it

There you go! Now tech support won’t ask “have you tried rebooting?” You’ll be empowered with a bit more information.

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