Secure your WiFi or else!

Floris peering over the fence towards the garbage truck

Having a secure wi-fi connection is important for a variety of reasons. Interlopers can slow down your internet connection and cause you bandwidth overage charges.

Here are two interesting stories I came across about how an open wireless connection has caused problems. In this link a police officer was using a variety of neighbors’ wifi and businesses in order to access child pornography. Yuck.

In this second story, there was a wifi password, but one that has been cracked (yet still used by many DSL modems and older routers). Fences may make good neighbors but since wireless networks don’t respect property lines, a neighborhood conflict can quickly become an ongoing incident of cyber-terrorism.

Of course, if you want to check security of your wireless network let us know and we’d be delighted to set an appointment to make sure your wifi network is safe and secure.

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