Crowdsourcing our next technician. A new iPad for you says we can; learn the details and refer the next great DoctorDave tech


Crowdsourcing was a key buzzword of 2011 along with Kickstarter: the ultimate crowdsourcing in which a group of micro investors make magic happen.

As our business continues to expand despite the “economic downturn,” we’re hiring but profoundly selective about whom we hire. Our people represent our business and have to be just the right fit with business philosophies and goals. Our interview process is extensively documented and we do background checks on each technician for our customer safety. The full details are here, but in a nutshell the customer service skills are as important as the technical skills

Fortunately we pay very well and treat our technicians right: with respect, appreciation and flexibility. We report to the customer and I report to my technicians and it’s my goal to make them as successful as possible during the service call to please “the boss” (the customer). Technician exit interviews and performance reviews indicate we have a supportive and collaborative approach. Check our reviews and see what a great job we do

Looking at the more traditional methods of finding a technician such as job boards, newspapers, and online services are extremely expensive and/or time consuming. Free options are too often worth what you are paying. There has to be a better way!!

I think in 2012 I can find the next great DoctorDave tech via word of mouth and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is The old school methods usually cost $300-$500 a pop so I figure: “Why not put it in the pockets of real individuals instead of a corporation?”

Therefore, for the month of January, if you refer someone (including yourself) to DoctorDave Computer Repair and we bring that person on board, we’ll give you either a brand new iPad or $500.

Here is the small print, that really isn’t that small

1) If you refer yourself, just send us an email saying you’d like to get the “Crowdsourcing Bonus

2) If you refer someone else, just cc us on the email saying you’d like to take advantage of the “Crowdsourcing Bonus

2) The applicant must be local and familiar with greater Kansas City, but you don’t have to live in the area to refer someone.

3) They must work with us for 3 months and do at least 30 service calls during that time period

4) After that time period, we’ll either give you $500 or a new iPad worth that amount. You’ll be responsible for taxes and all the nitty gritty thereof.

So this is *my* version of a crowdsourced project. No need to contribute money. Just spread the word to your tech friends looking for some part time work.

Oh, and just to help out the community via this crowdsourced project, we’ll give five dollars to a local Lawrence charity for every qualified applicant. Which charity? Tell us when you refer a qualified applicant and the charity with the most votes gets the entire pool of money. Will it be $50 $100 $500? I don’t know –but that’s up to you.

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