Welcome our newest technician: Noah Benham

With great delight I’d like to announce the newest member of the DoctorDave team, Noah Benham. He’s learning some of our procedures for delivering outstanding service, and I’m fully confident you will just love him.

You’ve probably seen Noah around town. He’s had his own computer repair business for over three years and has advertised in the Merc newsletter. You might have also seen him in the Lawrence Journal World, but not for his business but rather his athletic and academic performance. He’s been a top student at Free State High School and an outstanding swimmer. He can only do service calls right now in the afternoon and evenings since he’s still in school. Yes, he’s a high school student!

Over the years I’ve interviewed many technicians and can confidently say he’s one of the best I’ve seen. I can describe him as a cross between a young Bill Gates and a slightly older Doogie Howser. Of course, when I told Noah this, he didn’t know who Doogie was! If for some reason if that’s before your time, you can click on this link. Part of Noah’s skill relates to the fact he’s run his own computer repair business for three years while managing to be a top student at Free State. Most important, he’s a genuinely nice guy and I know you’ll just love working with him.

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