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My thoughts on WideOpenWest (WOW!) buyout of Knology (formerly Sunflower Broadband)

April 20, 2012

Oops, they did it again. Knology, formerly Sunflower Broadband, will soon be owned by WideOpenWest (WOW!) as has been reported both nationally and locally. When reports first surfaced about Knology’s buyout of Sunflower, I was excited and later admitted I was wrong about my enthusiasm . Now that Knology is being sold to WOW! I […]

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New variations of serious computer scam hitting Lawrence area

April 15, 2012

I wrote about this scam back in September, but both my clients and the Douglas County Attorney are telling me that it’s back in full force. While the scam varies, it usually goes something like this: You receive a call supposedly from Microsoft, Dell, or your ISP (Knology, Time Warner, AT&T, etc) telling you they […]

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Crowdsourcing Project Results: Some lessons to be learned

April 8, 2012

In January, I tried a unique way of finding a technician. Instead of giving money to large media companies that charge outrageous sums of money for tiny employment ads, we offered a free iPad or $500 to someone who referred themselves or another person to work for us. That was roughly equal to the cost […]

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