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I just spilled something on my computer, now what?

May 27, 2012

We spend lots of time at the computer and as humans we need liquid nourishment occasionally. Sometimes it’s simply a glass of water while other times it might be a soda pop, coffee or an “adult beverage.” If you remember from your childhood: liquid and electronics don’t mix. The famous warnings about not using a […]

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The Best Internet Service Provider in Lawrence?

May 20, 2012

As one of the leading people doing computer repair in Lawrence, KS and not being associated with (or receiving commissions from) any broadband provider, I remain staunchly independent. Given our broad range of experience with every internet service provider in the community, I can give you unbiased, well-researched suggestions. Many people (including my team) have […]

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Ode to my mother(board)

May 13, 2012

Oh my mother(board), how I love thee. Since the day you entered the case that became your home, you’ve been what held my computer together and made my computer, well, compute! You carried the data from the CPU and memory, expertly displayed graphics on the monitor and read data from my mechanical drives, no matter […]

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Social Media Club recap from May 9, 2012 regarding backups of your digital life

May 9, 2012

Hi @smclawrence members (and others reading this blog). Today at our meeting, a number of questions came up about backups, synchronization, and security. Fortunately, these are subjects I’ve already written about for GigaOM and you all inspired some more blog posts by yours truly so watch this space and subscribe to it! First, we talked […]

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