Giveback Awareness Day: Double points, Double Donations, and Double Savings


I’ve been a proud member of the Lawrence GiveBack program for a number of years now and delighted to help play a part in this years Giveback Awareness Day. Since many members of Giveback are retailers and restaurants, it’s easy for them to give you double points and double donations that day.

However, since our business primarily provides onsite computer repair in Lawrence, KS, it’s difficult for us to participate this year. There’s only so many of us to go around in one day and we DO want to get in on the fun. To help compensate for the fact we can only be so many places at once on Tuesday, we came up with this really great idea.

On Tuesday June 19th, for each purchase of a DoctorDave Computer Repair Gift Certificate along with a GiveBack card number, we’ll not only give you the double points and double donation that you’ll be getting with other Lawrence GiveBack merchants, but we’ll also reduce the price by 10%

How to get in on the savings:

Give Dave a call at 841-8766. We can handle it all over the phone via credit card, or we can run your GiveBack number on Tuesday and then coordinate payment and pickup of the gift certificate later


Even if everything is working great on your computer now, you might need help later on. Maybe you get a new computer or smart device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone) and need help setting up. Perhaps you just want everything to run a bit better or, most important, you want to backup, protect and secure what you already have. Buy the Gift Certificate on Tuesday and save money in the future and really help yourself with double points and double donations. TUESDAY ONLY JUNE 19TH

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