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On Saturday October 13, Lawrence will have its semi-annual Electronics Recycling Event. This is a great opportunity to get rid of all that electronic junk sitting in a basement, closet, or garage. The city does this twice a year, so if you miss it this time look for it in the Spring. It’s imperative that you not throw these items in the trash. The hazardous materials in these computers leach out and impact our environment.

It’s also vital that you carefully choose who you recycle with. Recyclers should be committed to making sure the e-waste doesn’t end up overseas and negatively impact another part of the world. Read about the atrocities committed in the name of “recycling” here. Some recyclers fail to consider the fact that in a global ecosystem e-waste eventually ends up in our food, air and soil.

When choosing an electronics recycler, be sure they are registered with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment or work with a registered provider of such services. The city of Lawrence currently works with Extreme Recycling (KDHE Permit #892) and we work with Asset Life Cycle (KDHE Permit # 889) as well as with Dell And Goodwill via the Reconnect program (not registered with KDHE due to it’s national focus).

Beware of any other “recyclers” as they may simply resell or your old computer or dispose of it improperly. In particular, I received a call from a “recycler” that comes to town and “takes junk you want to dump” makes things “disappear”. Here’s the audio with key identifying information removed.

Unethical computer recycler phone message
I also was told this national horror story about refurbished computers sold by a repair place happened locally. Scary for sure that this type of activity happens right here in Lawrence, KS.

If a computer is in good working order we always try to find a home for it via a local non-profit or other good cause and never sell them, especially not back to our customers. Talk about a conflict of interest!

I’m delighted to announce we are going to start taking computers over to Connecting for Good–a Kansas City non-profit that is helping bridge the digital divide. We’ll be directly participating in the Social Media Club Kansas City Used Computer Drive. If you’ve got a used computer that you need to ethically get rid of (not make them “disappear”, contact me for a free pickup in Lawrence during the month of October so we can show Kansas City how much we care about making sure everyone has access to computing technology.

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