Secrets to getting great customer service

Customer services

Often times we can solve customer problems on our own but occasionally we need to get third parties involved and sometimes we have to refer it out altogether. This particularly comes into play on warranty issues. While we’d sure like to take care of your computer repair needs, if you paid for a warranty the manufacturer should stand behind the product and repair it at no charge.

When you can’t get Dell or Apple to fix your product or Knology and AT&T are blaming you for your Internet problems rather than solving your problems, these links may help

This article is a great interview by the Chicago Tribune’s problem solver. Even though he’s a reporter and get’s potentially preferential treatment, it’s a great read before picking up the phone or emailing support.

Another article by Lifehacker uses Mom’s old strategy of attracting more flies with honey rather than vinegar (I always thought we wanted to repeal flies???) These are awesome strategies because they are so unexpected. Customer service people deal with annoyed and upset people all day long. Killing them with kindness is so unexpected and refreshing they’ll really go out of their way to help.

Or you can do what Aunt Harriett always does. When she calls customer service she says “Is this customer service” to which the rep will respond “Yes”. She then says “I’m a customer, I want service!” Did I mention she’s from New York 🙂

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