A few awesome resume secrets

For some reason when you Google “awesome cover letters”, my blog comes up first and it’s the most popular item on my blog. I guess not enough people know how to write good cover letters which is truly a shame. However, an awesome cover letter doesn’t help if your resume is lousy. Here’s a few tips and tricks from a small business owner who has seen his share of resume problems – along with some links with tips

First, you have to use critical key words just as if you were doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on yourself. Don’t spam your resume but I know in the past computerized software showed I didn’t have enough Windows experience because I put down Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7 and the software didn’t find the term “Windows XP.” This article talks more about it. The key is to mirror the skills required for job and use the exact language they use in the ad. that will prevent rejection by either automated screeners or hand screeners who don’t know that Windows XP/7 means you know Windows XP.

Another tip I read about that I recently liked is that when you email your resume, put it in PDF if possible and if not PDF make it “read only” in Word. When I open an attached resume and I don’t have the fonts or version of Word the applicant has, the resume just looks wrong. Using a PDF protects the formatting of the document and makes sure it looks perfect. However if the company requires a Word document (probably because of automated software) send it as Read Only per this tip. This prevents Word from doing silly things like marked words as incorrectly spelled such as your name! Also as a business owner who reviews resumes, I’ve accidentally opened a resume and a slip of the keyboard removed valuable information. This prevents anyone from changing the resume.

Any other resume secrets? Leave them in the comments for others to benefit from.

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