Being Thankful in 2012: My Thanksgiving thoughts

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In a few days I turn 42 years old. In science fiction, we know that 42 is the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” so I thought I’d reflect a bit this Thanksgiving and all I have to be thankful for, besides of course making it to this magical old age.

Great clients.

My clients are simply the best. They are home users primarily as well as a smattering of small offices. These are people who treat myself and my team as members part of the family. We’re not there just to “fix” what’s wrong but actually there to help and be their partners on the journey. They bake us cookies, buy us gifts and best of all, refer us to others. In fact, I’d say the greatest gift is when they refer their parents. When you care about your parents you want only the best for them. They took care of you while growing up and at this point in life, they need help with their computer. No better compliment than when we get referred to a client’s mother and father.

Great business partners.

Instead of trying to be all things to all people, we’ve specialized by being generalists. We don’t sell computers because we find that’s a conflict of interest. We don’t create or maintain websites because so many talented people already do. We don’t work on servers or work with big businesses.

However, what we can do is determine whom to refer you to to find the exact match for your needs. I love saying “We don’t work on that, but can I give you the number of someone who can.” Could we do what the customer is requesting? Probably. Would we be the best at it? No. Our customers deserve the best so if we can’t provide it we’ll find someone that can. I love having this virtual rolodex of the best people in town to take care of my great clients. Too often businesses “hoard” and are afraid of letting clients walk out the door. I just ethically can’t do something unless I know I’m going to do a really good job at it and do business with other people that share that philosophy.

Great technicians.

This is what I’m most thankful for. When I realized I couldn’t serve all my great clients by myself, I worked to find just the right people I trust to take care of them. In fact, finding the right people has continued to be the biggest challenge my business has faced and I’m always on the lookout for new people.

These highly skilled people have an amazing dedication to customer service and I’m profoundly and deeply grateful to them. Whether it was my first technician, Terrence, intermediate techs such as Eric, Matt, Miles, or my current team of Noah and Devin–these guys are simply amazing. They aren’t just dedicated to the client, but dedicated to the team by constantly helping each other out. I’m humbled by their presence and honored they chose to work with me. There isn’t enough bandwidth to express how much I appreciate them.

Great Business!

Overall I’m thankful for my business. In 2013 I’ll celebrate a decade of going out on my own. I started with the freedom to work for myself and spend time with my father on his death bed and I continue to be able to be a resource to friends and family with emergency babysitting or covering another friends service calls while he deals with a crisis.

I set my own hours and love what I do, so maybe I work too hard on occasion, but it isn’t really work. It’s about helping people and the pay is simply a bonus. With all the amazing clients, business partners, and technicians I get to work with I think of myself on occasion as unemployed! I’m enjoying life and meeting interesting people and somehow I’m able to pay the mortgage. I’m thankfully and blissfully “unemployed”.


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