Be careful: what you by on iTunes may put you at a security risk

BGFJ0R (CYBER ATTACK) ...item 2.. Watching the crooks: Researcher monitors cyber-espionage ring (July 25, 2012 2:00 PM PDT) ...item 3.. Hackers swipe data from former Bright Futures recipients (11:01 PM, Oct. 24, 2012) ...

While the FBI has issued a warning for Android users regarding their smartphone apps (and didn’t issue one for iPhone and iPad apps) it doesn’t mean that iPhone and iPad app purchases are without risk.

Some of the risks are relatively minor like buying a copycat app that pretends to be a popular app when in fact it isn’t or buying what you thought was an official game when in fact no game exists .

Others are more severe. Sometimes an app developer will slip in an undisclosed function which may be beneficial such as tethering (allowing you to use your iPhone’s internet connection without paying extra for it) or in this case an actual Windows virus was included so that when you connected to iTunes on your PC, you got infected. Ouch.

Could a virus threat for the Mac be included in an app? Absolutely. It is inevitable? I think so. Before you install something on your phone, do some research about the app and don’t assume necessarily because it got top reviews or is popular means it’s safe.

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