Most broken iPhone accidents happen…in the kitchen

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Infographics are always fun as they easily tell a statistical story visually and these two infographics from iPhone repair company Squaretrade say quite a bit.

The key points of the study are that the most dangerous place to use an iPhone is in the kitchen. Ouch. And if you’ve left your phone on the top of your car, dropped it in the toilet, or put it through the washing machine you aren’t alone.

I also like the statistic that 30% have damaged their iPhone in the past year and 17% have damaged it more than once. Double ouch.

We don’t directly repair iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touch devices. We do work with trusted vendors at various price points, so please contact us for the repair and we’ll point you in the right direction at no charge.

And please, don’t use your devices without proper protection.

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