You may be paying too much for your internet service


You may be paying too much for your internet service” seems like a marketing ploy for the latest offering from Knology, Time-Warner, Cox or AT&T but for many of us it’s really true. Here are the most common problems we see in the field.

First, if you are renting your cable modem, it’s time to stop. Look at your cable bill right now and double check you aren’t renting it. Way back when, renting made sense when the technology was expensive but today it’s simply unnecessary. Generally, after a year the rental fees will exceed the purchase price of a new modem. Many people are renting and don’t even know it. It’s like the old days with home phones when you rented those from AT&T. Would you believe some people are still renting home phones because they didn’t check the bill? Don’t be one of those people, check your bill.

Another problem we see is people who are still paying AOL for dial up service. They either forgot they were still subscribing or thought they had to pay AOL to keep their email address. If you already have an Internet connection and not using their dial up service you don’t need to pay AOL. Just contact their customer service and tell them to switch your plan. Would you believe 3 million people are still paying AOL for service. Obviously AOL has no incentive to tell these customers to stop paying. If you’ve ever had AOL it might be worth checking your bank and credit card statements to make sure you aren’t being charged. If you know someone with an AOL email address, email this post and make sure they aren’t paying AOL for service.

Most importantly, ISPS aren’t always giving the bandwidth or capacity you are paying for. It’s a strange game we play with our internet connections. We pay for X level of service but the ISP doesn’t guarantee that level of service. Here is a great story about how one consumer took action to make sure they were getting what they pay for. The FCC has been studying the problem and released a rather shocking report about how much we are getting overcharged as consumers compared to what speeds are being advertised. We always run speed tests to make sure the client is getting what they pay for and if not, we contact the ISP and won’t accept “it’s you, not us” as an answer’

Get what you pay for and don’t pay for stuff you aren’t using!

Oh, and one more thing. If you are frustrated that your ISP, such as Knology, has a bandwidth cap–they aren’t doing it to protect their network or other cover stories. They have a bandwidth cap to increase revenue as this story talks about as well as to push consumers away from online services the cable companies don’t provide. And, don’t forget, your city commission has a say in this if you let them know.

Paying more, getting less when price of the product goes down is just plain wrong!

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