Growing scourge of the “FBI Virus” on laptops and desktops

Computer Virus Spreads to Humans

The latest type of virus we are seeing a resurrgence on laptops and desktops at DoctorDave Computer Repair of Lawrence, KS are what is commonly referred to as a “Ransomware Viruses”.

These are viruses that claim the FBI is monitoring your computer and to send money, or somehow your computer has a failing hard drive or other problems. The viruses prevent you from doing anything until you pay them money. Some clients actually pay money and all that does is put their credit card at risk and doesn’t return the computer to a usable state.

The New York Times did a great story on this problem recently and answers, partially, the question of how and why this type of malware is created. This isn’t just a US problem and a international ring of scammers behind some of these attacks were recently caught in Spain.

According to the report by Interpol, the scam was spread over thirty different countries and included a motley crew of Russians, Ukrainians and Georgians arrested in Dubai and Spain who netted $5 million dollars a year and yes, once you pay the ransom, they also steal the credit card for further scams.

While they caught this major ring, they proved clearly that crime can pay and while this ring was broken up the tactic is a money maker I expect to see grow and morph and very sinister ways.

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