Just in time for tax day: Helpful tip for upgrading your Quickbooks

Tax Day

Quickbooks is a program I love to hate. It is slow, unresponsive and unreliable and with absolutely horrible support and a policy that turns your program into a pumpkin every few years. Fixing Quickbooks is a popular computer repair request we get in Lawrence (as well as Topeka and KC). Desktops, laptops, Macs, PCs all are annoying to run Quickbooks on.

However, Quickbooks is an accounting and business standard at this point and if you work with an accountant and don’t use Quickbooks, they’ll charge you extra to convert your data to and from Quickbooks. I just give in and use it.

Many clients wait as long as possible to switch to a new version of Quickbooks because if it’s working great, why spend the money and hassle converting? The problem is that while I can easily use the latest version of Microsoft Word to open a file written with Microsoft Word in 1991 on my DOS computer, Quickbooks freaks out if the data is more than a few years old.

The solution is to go through a series of progressive upgrades of your data through different versions of Quickbooks, which requires you to own these different versions of Quickbooks for the Mac or PC to do those conversions.

Fortunately this not so obvious link on Intuit’s website has every version of Quickbooks since 2006 so you can download trial versions of the programs in order to do the conversions. Very handy link we’ve used many times to help customers.

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