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Responding to negative reviews online: an case study

June 30, 2013

While we are fortunate we’ve never had negative reviews yet for DoctorDave Computer Repair in Lawrence, KS, the fact is statistically it’s bound to happen. While we try to screen out difficult clients, the fact is that even the best doctors sometimes aren’t a good fit for certain patients. Sometimes the messenger gets blamed for […]

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What do expect from WOW in Lawrence Kansas or Why we hate the cable company

June 23, 2013

Whether you use WOW (fomerly Sunflower, Knology) or AT&T in Lawrence, KS or you are in Topeka (Cox), Kansas City (Time-Warner) or other parts of the Kansas City Metro, we all love to hate our cable TV company. One of the reasons was revealed in this interview The Consumerist () did with a Customer Service […]

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How we are giving back to Lawrence by leaving Lawrence Giveback: it adds up!

June 16, 2013

As of January 1st, DoctorDave Computer Repair is no longer a member of the Lawrence Giveback program. This was a difficult decision for me but ultimately I think it’s best for our customers and the program. I’d like to explain why we left and what we are doing different. DoctorDave Computer Repair had been a […]

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Why Yelp is bad for small business (yes I said it!)

June 9, 2013

Image courtesy of Flickr user calmenda Yelp has been in the news quite a bit lately with Amy’s Baking Company blaming Yelp reviewers for “endangering their lives” and a San Diego law firm succesfully suing Yelp in small claims court. Yelp is on the defensive and blogged about the fact that advertising does not impact […]

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Protecting against business online identity theft (or simply misinformation)

June 2, 2013

A few months ago I blogged about having suffered “Google Death” aka “We Currently Do Not Support The Location.” While I occasionally have blips in life, my Google listing on Maps continues to be a problem. I recently read this article about how business owners fail to control their business identity and it really shocked […]

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