Protecting against business online identity theft (or simply misinformation)

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A few months ago I blogged about having suffered “Google Death” aka “We Currently Do Not Support The Location.” While I occasionally have blips in life, my Google listing on Maps continues to be a problem. I recently read this article about how business owners fail to control their business identity and it really shocked me

A study released by Constant Contact, a marketing company, indicates that 49% of businesses have never updated their listing online but, just as shocking, 70% say they don’t have time to manage their listing. That’s amazing. They spend money to market themselves on services such as Constant Contact but fail to take ownership of information about them online. Similarly, Yext‘s research had equally scary statistics such as the fact that 37% of businesses have incorrect information about themselves online and 18% don’t have their correct phone number listed. Ouch. Guess that is consistent with Woody Allen’s famous quote that “80% of success is showing up.”

My business day starts like every other biz owner: I get my cup of coffee and check communications such as voice mail and email. That’s incoming communications and that takes top priority. The next thing I do is search for myself online. I’ll Google computer repair lawrence ks, laptop repair lawrence, ks and a few other search terms in regular search, image search and map search. Not only am I checking our rankings with Google , but I’m seeing what third party services Google is listing such as the Lawrence Journal World Marketplace.

When a new service pops up, I make sure we’re listed properly. On a monthly basis I’ll check other top services such as Bing and Yahoo on a computer and my mobile phone. These are the top three to be concerned about, but remember that Yelp provided data to Apple’s iOS maps so I’m sure to check listings there.

A great service to check all the smaller services at once is Getlisted .
Ironically many of these systems still list our old address of 2104 W 25th St, # E12, which we haven’t been at for 4 years! In each of these systems I “claim” our listings and ask for a correction.

If you have a business online, the linked article is an important and vital wake up call that should make checking your online listings a regular part of your business. Making sure your information is out there and accurate is absolutely vital and without protecting this information, your marketing efforts suffer a serious setback.

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