What do expect from WOW in Lawrence Kansas or Why we hate the cable company

Love and Hate

Whether you use WOW (fomerly Sunflower, Knology) or AT&T in Lawrence, KS or you are in Topeka (Cox), Kansas City (Time-Warner) or other parts of the Kansas City Metro, we all love to hate our cable TV company.

One of the reasons was revealed in this interview The Consumerist () did with a Customer Service Rep (CSR) for Comcast and it boils down to poor training along with archaic policies.

One of these policies that really annoys us is that they charge us for boxes to use their systems creating a silly hidden fee and locking us into a proprietary system and a product we can’t buy even if we wanted to. Cable Modems are an exception as you can freely buy these and don’t need to rent them (although your old cable modem may need to be upgraded)

This great Lifehacker article explains why and the alternatives including so called “cord cutting” Cutting the cord puts fear into cable TV providers because it allows you to download the same content legally or illegally via the Internet. The aforementioned link includes both legal and less than legal methods of avoiding the cable company and still watching great content.

The irony of downloading even illegal programs is that it actually can make more money for the companies that produce the shows. Take for example Game of Thrones, one of the most popular illegally downloaded shows on the Internet. According to this interview consumers that illegally download the show improves DVD sales and make the companies money (except of course for the cable companies which is why they are so firmly against piracy)

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