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Latest scam around the Royal baby and other current events

July 28, 2013

Unlike many of my clients, I allow spam to freely flow into my inbox. I try to keep track of new scams and be aware of any new wrinkles that clients might get tricked with. The latest one surrounds current events. As less of us get our news online (and paywalls annoy us), we rely […]

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New and Interesting ways your computer is becoming infecting

July 14, 2013

When clients contact us for malware removal on desktops and laptops in Lawrence, Kansas as well as elsewhere in our region, the most common question we get asked is “How did I get infected?” It’s a reasonable question. Sometimes the computer you purchased already has malware installed. Yes, it’s true. Sometimes it’s by accident as […]

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Antivirus uninstallers: A handy link

July 7, 2013

The only thing more annoying than viruses in our line of work are antiviruses. They are intrusive, demanding and like some guests in your home, don’t always leave when requested. Antiviruses should fully leave your system by simply going to the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel or something similar depending which version of Windows you’re running. […]

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