Antivirus uninstallers: A handy link

Computer Virus

The only thing more annoying than viruses in our line of work are antiviruses. They are intrusive, demanding and like some guests in your home, don’t always leave when requested.

Antiviruses should fully leave your system by simply going to the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel or something similar depending which version of Windows you’re running. Then again, one size should fit all and the same number of socks you put in the dryer should come out, but the real world doesn’t work that way.

One antivirus manufacturer, Eset was smart enough to include a list of antivirus uninstallers. Before switching antivirus companies, or even versions, it’s a good idea to run the uninstaller as a cleanup to prevent problems. You shouldn’t have to, but the number of hotdogs in a package should equal the number of buns in a bag, but that’s rarely the case.

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