Windows 7 System Recovery partitions for almost every computer

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Sometimes it’s best to just start over from scratch and computing is no different. Sometimes your computer gets so wonky or filled with viruses it’s best to just return it to factory specs. We only do that when repairing computers and laptops as a last resort, but sometimes it is necessary.

The problem is that computers don’t come with reinstall disks anymore, but come with a hidden “recovery” partition that helps return the computer to factory specs. The problem of course is that the documentation that comes with computers, if at all, doesn’t always explain how to access it. Too often, to get to the instructions, you need access to Windows and if you had full access, you probably don’t need a restore.

Fear not: this handy link tallies all the different computer manufacturer ways of getting to the recovery partition!

Although the programs usually warn you, remember this procedure will almost assuredly destroy all data on the drive. Anything you added to the computer since your purchased it will be lost such as music, word processing documents, pictures etc as well as programs such as Microsoft Office. Always be backing up!

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