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Risks of smart devices: smarter hackers

September 29, 2013

These days everything is “smart.” It started with phones such as the Palm and we’ve moved on to smart printers and now even smart TVs. Typically a smart device is one that can download content and apps from the Internet. Some of these apps can contain viruses, spyware and other types of internet nasties called […]

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Best way to interview for a job: a complete guide

September 22, 2013

As I’ve been mentioning, we are looking to hire a quality technician. Being a top search result for computer repair lawrence ks has its benefits (and drawbacks at times). However we have a very extensive interview process to find just the right people. First, it’s important to realize the interview happens the second you walk […]

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The best jobs to be found are at local and small businesses (especially in Lawrence)

September 15, 2013

I’ve written before about the hidden job market and I know for a fact this is true in Lawrence, KS: the best jobs often aren’t listed anywhere. Often times you need to search directly and when possible, create a job for yourself. This recent blog post analyzing a study from payroll firm ADP shows that […]

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One reason you can’t get your laptop on a wireless network

September 9, 2013

“My laptop can’t get on the Internet” is a common complaint we get at DoctorDave Computer Repair in Lawrence, Kansas and one of the first questions we ask if the customer is if they are sure the wireless is on. Many times they don’t know, so we’ll ask them to test it at a coffee […]

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The sounds you never want to hear from your computer

September 1, 2013

Each of us react to sounds differently, although universally nails on a chalkboard (don’t click this link) is despised. In a crowded room, a person can often hear their name mentioned among the noise. Dog owners can hear the distinctive noise of their own dog just like a parent can hear their child’s cry. I […]

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