Should you be able to email your doc?

laptop and stethoscope

In 2013 you’d think you’d be able to email your doctor, and telemedicine would be all the rage. While the technology is there, the laws and policies haven’t caught up. Of course, with me as your computer doc you can email, text, imessage, Facebook Tweet and use just about any method you wish to reach us (see contact information)

However, you can’t always contact your MD in the same way. Recently, one of my colleagues at GigaOM () wrote about how HIPAA restricts access as well as practical issues of misunderstanding. In spite of this some docs, according to this Wall Street Journal article, welcome the practice.

What do you think? Would you be willing to forgo some privacy for the convenience? What about if others have access to your email (employer?) or you lose your phone or laptop.

Don’t worry though, you can always email your computer doc!

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