It’s not just the NSA reading your email, it’s the IRS too

IRS Building

Although the NSA has given us quite the scare with PRISM and the controversy around it, a less known, but equally important violation of privacy is the fact that the IRS can and has been reading our digital communications as well. This is has nothing to do with terrorism or national security, but is all about collecting money on behalf of the government…and it’s been around for a while.

This isn’t some conspiracy theory and has been reported by multiple sources such as CNET and MSN. As a taxpayer, I appreciate the fact that other taxpayers should comply with the law but think that my digital communications shouldn’t be used against me because what I say to my friends online can easily be misinterpreted taken out of context.

I am curious what you all think. Would you be willing to accept less privacy online in exchange for a lower tax bill and fair punishment of tax cheats?

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