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Searching for Tech Support in the wrong way can cause your computer harm

December 29, 2013

In the past several month’s we’ve seen a rather interesting phenomenon with clients. I previously wrote about the fact that someone pretends to call saying they are Microsoft and attempts to take control of your computer. Hopefully you won’t fall for this scam because you are an active reader of my blog. However, what if […]

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Tablet Tuesday: Living in the Cloud and loving it with my #inteltablets

December 17, 2013

  As I am often called a “Apple fanboy” and was there on day one so it’s suprising to see me around town with a Android based Intel tablet instead of my trusty iPad. I was fearful at first that I wouldn’t have access to critical stuff, but it’s really been a breeze due to […]

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Best way to make sure Christmas morning is perfect: Santa Service 2013

December 15, 2013

Christmas Cat sez.. Originally uploaded by bnilsen Putting tech items under the tree this year? Great! But are you also giving the gift of frustration at no additional charge? Around this time of year, we get lots of questions about what this year’s best tech gifts might be. Of course the most popular this year […]

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Save 10% on Computer Repair and Helpout Just Food

December 13, 2013

As many readers know, Lawrence Giveback is being discontinued (you have until January 21st to redeem credits). Even thought we left the program earlier in the year we are giving more back to the community then ever. While discussing Giveback’s demise, I was discussing needs in the community – especially this time of year – […]

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Leaving my iPad at home and using #inteltablets instead

December 10, 2013

Starting last Friday with the Social Media Club of Kansas City meeting, I started carrying around my #inteltablets instead of my trusty iPad. Those who know me as “The Apple Guy” were a bit shocked to see me going without an iPad for a few days. I was confident, but concerned what the experience would […]

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Online reviews: latest wrapup and updates

December 8, 2013

Being a business owner and active reviewer, I continue to be fascinated by the landscape that is online reviewing. These reviews are being taken seriously. In particualr, hotels are changing the way they deliver and measure service and all sorts of businesses are using reviews (both external sites and internal surveys) as benchmarks of quality […]

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Tablet Tuesday: Accessories for your #inteltablets

December 3, 2013

For this installment of Tablet Tuesday, I’ll briefly talk about some of the accessories and accompaniments I’ve used with my tablet. A good book is always a start and I spent quite a bit of time at the bookstore trying to find the right one. Since I now have (temporarily) a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 […]

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