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Respect the opinions

Being a business owner and active reviewer, I continue to be fascinated by the landscape that is online reviewing. These reviews are being taken seriously. In particualr, hotels are changing the way they deliver and measure service and all sorts of businesses are using reviews (both external sites and internal surveys) as benchmarks of quality rather than objective criteria and online reviews are a key to growing your business.

Yelp continues to be the 800 pound gorilla in the room, especially since it feeds into Apple Maps and Google . It’s a company we love and hate. Nonetheless, It’s critical you analyze your listing on Yelp for this reason as it’s a strong factor for SEO. Be careful not to manipulate the system like these people did (kudos for trying though). If you need direct stats on how important it is to your business, this link gives you the numbers.

The problem continues to be the trustworthiness of reviews. Even loyal and satisifed customers leave bad reviews.

Occasionally business owners or consumers will say they want to stick with more “traditional” services such as the Better Business Bureau. Bad idea because they are subject to the same sheningans as online review sites and possibly even more so based on consumer trust.

The shining star in this arena is Angie’s List partially because they audit the reviews

Owners get worried about negative reviews, and I’ve written about great ways to respond before and here’s another one. Just don’t sue reviewers. It rarely works and makes you look worse and you get articles like this and this written about you.

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