Tablet Tuesday: Accessories for your #inteltablets

For this installment of Tablet Tuesday, I’ll briefly talk about some of the accessories and accompaniments I’ve used with my tablet.

A good book is always a start and I spent quite a bit of time at the bookstore trying to find the right one. Since I now have (temporarily) a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1” tablet and a Dell Venue 7” I was looking for books on both. The “Android” tablet ones were too generic. Given the large variety of tablets, these books were too basic, covering things I already knew like pinch and swipe. Same goes for the “Dummy” style books. I was looking for books that didn’t approach the topic from a novice perspective. I know how to use technology and tablets, I want to use the tablets I have and the features associated with them.

The Que Books My Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 was an excellent start for my journey. Samsung kinda does their own thing with Android with settings and placement of buttons so this book gave me just what I needed to learn the nuances of the product and the included apps.

The Dell was a bit harder to find a book for since it was so new. Experts told me it’s a cousin of the Google Nexus 7 so I went with My Google Nexus 7 and 10 and most of it tracked to the way the Dell Venue 7” worked. The Dell doesn’t allow multiple users like the Nexus did and some of the offline map functions were different, but pretty much they were exactly the same and I was able to compare features of the Samsung and the Dell.

As far as a case, I went with a Black Friday special at Office Depot on Targus cases, which are still on sale until December 7th. Both the Samsung and the Dell I chose the Targus Kickstand Case. These protect the screen and allow you to position the device in a variety of horizontal angles for viewing. A simple elastic ribbon hold the case closed for easy transport and protection. A simple case that doesn’t scream “I’m a tablet, steal me” It feels like an old fashioned Moleskin book.

Finally, much like Apple’s iTunes store, Google has “Play” in which you buy music, movies, books and apps. Again similar to iTunes, Google can keep your credit card on file and/or you can buy gift cards and redeem them for credit. Costco has a great deal on these cards as you can get $60 in cards for $53.99 (although I saved $5.00 on Black Friday). Sinced these are in $20 increments you can always use one and save others for later as gifts.

So my journey with the #inteltablets continue. I’ll talk next time how cloud apps have made it very easily to seamlessly move from my Mac, iPhone and iPad as well as using the #inteltablet.

DISCLOSURE: In exchange for two social media mentions and one blog post a week, I was gifted this tablet by Intel representatives I, however am free to say what I want beyond the scope of those requirements. Intel might provide me additional information or incentives and those will clearly be disclosed.


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