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Why your ISP may be giving your computer popups and ads

January 26, 2014

Here at DoctorDave Computer Repair in Lawrence, KS we have gotten dozens of calls from people being redirected to sites they never intended to visit – like trying to buy a Dell computer and getting sent to HP instead. Typically it’s a virus put there by someone trying to make money off the ads. However, […]

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Backup checkups and Peace of Mind for only $25

January 20, 2014

Our clients know we are a big believer in backups and we’ve got a great deal going to start the new year out right. Whether it’s photos, emails, contacts, financial data, movies, music or plain old word processing items, the reason you use a computer often is to store stuff, and no hard drive lasts […]

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Getting social with small business: it isn’t a waste of time

January 19, 2014

If you can’t tell, DoctorDave Computer Repair in Lawrence is a social company. We don’t just socialize with our customers during service calls, but we are on Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, and Google Plus as well as blogging (just like this) I won’t lie and say it’s not time consuming because it is! Before I started […]

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Positive reviews and gaming the system: statistics and lawsuits

January 12, 2014

Getting a positive review on Yelp or Google ranslates directly to sales for most businesses and this seems rather obvious…. but this infographic puts Yelp into exact numbers   Lots of interesting statistics here but the ones that really struck me were 87% of small businesses don’t actively use review sites and 22% don’t even […]

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How to win a free iTunes Gift Card from DoctorDave Computer Repair

January 9, 2014

  We want to spread the word about being Lawrence’s Apple Certified Support Professional providing onsite service for small businesses and residential customers as well as convenient scheduled drop-off service at our office. The market has changed and many of our competitors have changed focus or simply left the market. We’ve been doing this in […]

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Cryptolocker: the most dangerous virus ever created (not a hoax)

January 5, 2014

Although we haven’t had a client yet with this virus, it’s the scariest and most damaging virus I’ve encountered in my entire professional career and I’ve been there since the beginning This article explains how it works and a a more detailed explanation here but basically you download the virus via an attachement or […]

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